Helen-Jane Nelson

Meet the Founder & CEO of Cecara

Cecara was founded by Helen-Jane Nelson as a solution to the erosion of both economic value and the human spirit she witnessed within the corporate world. She deeply believes the corporate world is one of the most influential institutions on the planet and holds enormous power to contribute valuably to life.

Helen-Jane is deeply committed to restoring systems to sacred wholeness and blends evolutionary systemic coaching, earth based wisdom, and spiritual technologies. She partners with individuals, leaders and businesses to cultivate the capacities and environment to unlock their evolutionary highest potential.

For over 25 years Helen-Jane has supported individuals, leaders and businesses to navigate systemic complexities and shape shift in order to build sustainable success, meet the emerging future and contribute valuably to life and all our relations.

Our Team

Helen-Jane is surrounded by a centralised Core Team and Thought Partners. We hold the deep belief there are always opportunities for stunning creativity and innovation to explode forth and for leaders and their organisations to adapt, thrive and flourish. We are committed to guiding and unearthing the highest future potential of leaders, their teams and their organisations for sustainable success and a generative legacy.

Our Thought Partners have significant executive level experience with specialisation in mission critical areas. While each of the Cecara Thought Partners is unique in their approach and experience, we are all guided by a common pathway to profound transformation and wholehearted leadership.

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I have worked with a number of Executive Coaches, but HJ’s unique approach to self-awareness, identity, purpose and ultimately fulfilment both professionally and personally is something I can’t recommend highly enough and to say it was life-changing is an understatement. Through a systemic approach HJ has also supported me in creating high performing teams and unlocking value in my organisations. She brings deep wisdom, insight and compassionate provocation that pushes the boundaries of what you and your team would ever believe is possible. It has been a privilege to work with her.

Steve Axe / Chief Marketing Officer, Nomad Foods Europe Limited

HJ Nelson is more than a coach, she is more than a mentor. The journey she takes you on is one of deep self-discovery, a practical and powerful examination of who you are and what motivates you. She never takes you anywhere you’re not comfortable to go, and her wisdom and advice is always thoughtful, and deep. There’s so much to say about HJ — she has the most amazing network, which she shares generously, and I have been exposed to many other helpers and thinkers through her. She is the most amazing listener you will ever meet. Her methodology is unique. I’ve had many coaches over the years, HJ doesn’t just stand out as the best, she is in a different league from anyone else. Is this enough of a recommendation? Believe me, I have toned it down so I don’t sound too gushing — HJ Nelson is an extraordinary person.

Philip Thomas / President, Ascential Events/Chairman, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

When I was looking for a coach, I knew I needed someone who excelled in the field. Cecara certainly fulfilled that and then some!! By going deep, helping you sit with questions that you may not have asked yourself (or avoided asking yourself!) you can make a real sustainable shift in not just the superficial behaviour but who you are in the world. Cecara is responsive, warm and caring and gives the right balance of challenge and support as you go through the development journey. Following my coaching engagement with Cecara, I am braver to lean into those tough questions “Who have you uniquely been put in this world to be?” “How will you lean into your purpose and legacy?” “What questions have you avoided asking yourself?” I recommend Cecara to any senior leader who is looking for that next level of transformation in themselves as a leader and more importantly as a human being.

Nici Bush / Vice President Research & Development, Mars Global Chocolate

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