We believe wholeheartedly in the power of leadership.

We know that leaders can transform our world, creating extraordinary and often essential change in people, organisations and communities. Today’s world requires more conscious leaders – and more from leaders – than ever before.

Over almost two decades, Cecara has been dedicated to and mastering the art of transformation. Our calling is to empower more individuals and teams to fully realise their highest future potential, unlocking the heart, mind, capabilities and vision they need to lead the way to a brighter future.

To do this, we create thoughtful and meaningful partnerships with leaders and organisations, which in turn uncover and bring together individual, organisational and societal aspirations and intentions. We seek out all possible paths to transformation, cultivate deep knowledge and experience, and share our learning through our practice.

Through this process, we create powerful leaders and highly-attuned teams that deliver lasting, radical solutions for the benefit of all.

Our approach weaves the latest thinking with robust business understanding. It is tailored to each client’s needs, and grounded in our four cornerstones.


Whole Hearted Leadership

Awakening inner resources, aligning purpose, identity values for authentic self-expression and powerful contribution.

Whole hearted leadership derives directly from inner alignment. When we connect with our true selves, our inner compass can rise to service. This kind of calibration allows our purpose, identity and values to shine forth, bringing truth and direction – inside and out.

A full and authentic expression of our true selves awakens limitless inner resources. These can be put to use with clarity and confidence for personal transformation and powerful collective contribution.

Navigating Through Complexity

Widening the context, attuning to systemic pressures and gaining perspective for courageous, bold choices.

With inner clarity, we truly see the outer world. A panoramic perspective honours the past and allows us to perceive the complexities and wider context of today’s reality. It attunes us to the hidden dynamics that influence so much, creating a lens for compassionate objectivity and radical inclusion.

Drawing on this vision, we can see further into the future, allowing us to make the courageous and bold choices our lives and our world deserves.

Essential Value Creation

Shining a light on reciprocity. Mapping business ecosystems, discovering full potential, and helping to create optimum value exchange.

When we enable individuals to discover their full potential, the whole becomes so much more powerful than its parts. Our approach maps and balances ecosystems to embed collaboration and partnership between people and teams, creating safe and stimulating environments.

This approach is grounded in the economics of mutuality. It leads to well-balanced, self-improving and sustainable systems that optimise value creation and exchange.

Generative Organisational Legacy

Conscious connection for lasting legacies. Turning hearts and minds to the future, evolving collective ways of working and activating visions.

With our hearts and minds fully attuned to the present, we can open ourselves to the future. By evolving collective ways of working and activating visionary practices, we build extraordinary businesses. These don’t just work towards a brighter future, they live by it.

And so, when we consciously connect to people, planet and future generations, we create lasting legacies for the benefit of all.

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