Leadership Series Part 2: Who are you becoming?

Leadership Series Part 2: Who are you becoming?

The road to leadership is a long and winding one. Whether you are well into your journey or are just starting out, know that your way is one of privilege, duty and – with a bit of luck – your fair share of false starts, dead ends and bad weather.

In the Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell says “where we stumble, there lies our treasure”.

On the road to our full selves, we will stumble and often. I like to call these my duck moments.

As any skilled explorer will tell you, the key to not getting lost or giving up in these difficult moments is to stay present and calm. Can we find a way to pause, to breath, to reflect and to make a conscious change in our mindset and behaviours to get us back on track?

Moments like these are not always easy. In fact, they can feel scary and overwhelming. They can leave you feeling lost, confused and separated from your friends, peers – and even yourself. But, if you choose to strive for – and therefore live – a meaningful life… if you choose to realise your full potential, every step is worth it – forwards, sideways and back.

Because, if you think about it, that long and winding path to mastery has no destination.


Make yourself a cup of something nourishing, or find yourself a companion (four legged or two legged!), or go for a walk, or sit in nature. And ponder:

  • Who have you become? As a person and as a leader?
  • Who are you consciously becoming? As a person and as a leader?
  • If you are to realise your highest future potential, which patterns of beliefs and behaviours may it now be time to let go of. And which to let come?


CecaraLeadership Series Part 2: Who are you becoming?