Invitation to Contribute to

Malcolm's Leadership Pathway

As we know, organisations transform through the people within them. It takes leaders to go first in this transformation to create extraordinary businesses that contribute valuably to life.

Cecara specialises in bespoke thought partnerships with brilliant leaders in mission-critical roles to effect game-changing business performance.

We guide leaders to discover individual purpose aligned with organisational values, supporting them to catalyse system-wide transformation with societal benefits. Together, we make courageous leaps for  legacies of positive change – for ourselves, professional success, and generations to come.


Malcolm Armstrong is partnering with us on a Whole Hearted Leadership Programme and to ensure quality return on investment that adds value to the individual, their team(s) and the organisation, we are seeking the wisdom you hold from your place in the system.

All of the content shared during these conversations will remain confidential and only the overall themes will be shared back with Malcolm Armstrong, unless there is specific feedback you would like to have passed on.


The conversation will be one hour maximum. We would like to use the questions below to stimulate our thinking and we will of course explore more if appropriate:

  • What is the radical request you have of Malcolm Armstrong?
  • What is the courageous conversation you want Malcolm Armstrong to have and with whom?
  • What essential qualities do you see in Malcolm Armstrong that sets him up for the key tasks he faces in his role?
  • What must Malcolm Armstrong and the P&O function do in your business today for the world Mars wants to see tomorrow?

If you would like to know more about what makes a Healthy Organisational System, please click on this link and you are welcome to read articles from Stream, Cecara’s knowledge bank.

Next Steps

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CecaraInvitation to Contribute to Malcolm’s Leadership Pathway