We believe true leadership is the key to a brighter future. By nurturing potential and radically shifting perceptions, Cecara partners with influential leaders to co-create profound positive transformation – today, and for generations to come.

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Our Legacy

Our world is moving through a radical realignment. Cecara’s purpose – and our legacy – is to partner with leaders who sense the opportunity this time of transition creates. By helping these visionaries activate their full power, we can co-create a positive legacy of transformation and progress.

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Today’s world requires more conscious leaders – and more from leaders – than ever before. Through a legacy-led, whole-hearted approach, we create partnerships that are highly attuned to the needs and aspirations of individuals, organisations and society.

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Awakening and aligning
with authenticity.


Gaining perspective for
courageous choices.


Shining a light
on reciprocity.


Conscious connection
with legacy.

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Our Team

Thought Partners

Connecting with Cecara means connecting with one of our Thought Partners. We are here to forge deep, significant relationships that unlock potential, shift behaviours and create profound transformation in individuals, teams and organisations.

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Thoughts, dreams, notions and insights. Provocation, inspiration, experimentation. From sensing and feeling, through exploring and questioning, to discovering, understanding and sharing.

For a Leader Poem
For a Leader Poem

For a leader Poem

May you have the grace and wisdom to act kindly, learning to distinguish between what is personal and what is not.

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Leadership Series Part 3: What are your blind spots?
1 year

Leadership Series Part 3: What are your blind spots?

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Only when you are absolutely devoted to what you do, can you produce something significant in the world.

“Only when you are absolutely devoted to what you do, can you produce something significant in the

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Leadership Series Part 2: Who are you becoming?

Leadership Series Part 2: Who are you becoming?

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What to Remember When Waking

What to Remember When Waking

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Leadership Series Part 1: The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

Leadership Series Part 1: The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

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Connection is the antidote to powerlessness

Connection is the antidote to powerlessness

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What People

say about us

Cecara is the defining force behind many of my greatest professional achievements this past year. She brilliantly blends an acute strategic sense with unparalleled emotional sensitivity. Her simple yet powerful approach to many difficult situations brought me strength, light and balance. A unique personal and professional development journey.

Jose Papa / Managing Director, Lions Festivals

When I was looking for a coach, I knew I needed someone who excelled in the field. Cecara certainly fulfilled that and then some!! By going deep, helping you sit with questions that you may not have asked yourself (or avoided asking yourself!) you can make a real sustainable shift in not just the superficial behaviour but who you are in the world. Cecara is responsive, warm and caring and gives the right balance of challenge and support as you go through the development journey. Following my coaching engagement with Cecara, I am braver to lean into those tough questions “Who have you uniquely been put in this world to be?” “How will you lean into your purpose and legacy?” “What questions have you avoided asking yourself?” I recommend Cecara to any senior leader who is looking for that next level of transformation in themselves as a leader and more importantly as a human being.

Nici Bush / Vice President Research & Development, Mars Global Chocolate

During my systemic coaching journey with Cecara, I experienced a real awakening. I was able to fully explore my inner self, get clearer on my sense of priorities, my identity and to leverage the power of connection. I would recommend her to anyone eager to explore their sense of identity & purpose, and develop their ability to build sustainable relationships.

Alessandro Bussi / Supply VP, Royal Canin

Cecara combines the professional responsibility on behalf of management with their ability to build a trusted relationship with employees, drawing out the real issues through her empathy and listening skills.

David Butter / Management Consultant, Former-Executive Vice President WPP

Cecara is an expert in her area and sees situations and solutions from multiple perspectives leading to first class results… The project we worked on together was one of the highlights of my career and Cecara’s participation was key to its success.

Vanessa Bateson / Global Head, Leadership Development, HSBC Bank


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